The machine mainly consists of machine body,drive system,nip adjusting device,safety&emergency stop device,roll temperature adjusting device,lubrication system,rubber stopper&accepter device and electrical control system etc. Roll:it is made of cold hard castiron LTG-H,which are lubricated by lubrication grease.Drive system:The reducer has hard tooth surface.The motor is connected with reducer by elastic shaft coupling.The reducer structure type is double out shaft transmission,which is connected with front and back rolls by universal shatf coupling of nylon stick pin.All the drive gears of reducer are concentrated inside the case,which is well lubricating with spray type and has long useful life.Main parts:The hard tooth surface reducer,roll and bearings are well-known brand products in domestic and abrlad,the main electric parts such as PLC etc adopt famous brand prodcts in domestic and abroad.
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   Platen Press Line
   The platen press line is used for curing the steel(fabric)cord conveyor belt.
    PLC is used in the control system of mainframe that can meet multi-program     automatic control,and platen temperature can be measured and adjusted auto     maticailly during the course of curing.
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   Batch Off Line
   The batch off is used fro cooling, folding and depositing the rubber strip that comes from the open mills or twin screw extruder.
   The are two structure types:overhead and floor-standing types, The clients can    choose high or low disposition according to the practical requirements.Auto ruber    clooecting device;auto cutter device……
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